Studio Design upgrades Make Drawing Table One of the Best

The New Studio Design Draftsman’s Table

I just ordered my second drawing table that was the same as my first. I loved my last Studio Design Draftsman’s Table so much I had to get another. I now dedicate my Pen & Ink drawings to my old table. The new drawing table I only use for colored pencil drawing and sometimes computer work.

Here is a video from 2012 showing my old table but a good one!

Now the new table looks just about the same except instead of the cross bars in the back there is just one strong cross bar.

Also in the class top you see more of the cross bars that the drawing table sits into. I am not sure why they made this upgrade but it could have had something to do with customers sitting on the table?

I also want to mention that I believe the glass seems to be a bit thinner. Maybe by a mm or two. They might have made the glass thinner because of the new cross bar. Still a great table in my sketchbook!

I believe that the upgrades make this drawing table one of the best now!

See the difference below. You can also click the Drawing Table photo to get directed to the right kind. There is still a lot of inventory of the old kind as well as the new.

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The old Drawing table but a Goodie!

Notice the cross bars in the back. Also see that there are no cross bars under the drawing table. Another feature on this table compared to the other is that this table has the futuristic legs that bow.


And now on the new one you see the regular legs that are standard looking. But a stronger cross bar between the legs make for a stronger drawing table. And lastly the bar that you can see through

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The Brand new Drawing Table!

the drawing table… I didn’t like that part.

If I had to choose between them again I would still pick the drawing table without the upgrades…

I just put my new table together with ease. It was actually fun putting this table together. It took me about 45 minutes. If I had to do it again it would probably only take me 20 min.  Watch the video a few times and see how simple it was. Also check out my Golden Retriever watching me. Kind of amusing!