I love art!
It is so enjoyable to relax and pick up a pencil a sketch book and just Rohloffdraw what is on your mind. It doesn’t matter if you scribble or actually just write your ideas and feelings in cursive. Time goes by and living in the now takes over.

I love my studio!
Where you are when your feeling artistic is the best. weather your in the park or in your bedroom. And you know that you want to feel very comfortable when you sink your creative thoughts on your canvas. The atmosphere has to be just right for you to flow with confidence on your new journey to your special place.

I love Art Supplies!
As I reach to my artbin and open it up I get this urge to find that certain medium that I know will work with what’s on my mind. All the paints and all the markers all so organized on my art tables. Blank illustration boards and canvas lined up in a row, waiting to be picked for a new look in life.


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