Art Supplies and Materials in your Studio

Before I show you all the art supplies and materials every art studio should have, let’s take a look at the definition for a moment.


The definition of art is the creation of works of beauty or other special significance. It is the exercise of human skill. An imaginative skill as applied to representations of the natural world or figments of the imagination.


The definition of Supplies is an amount available for use. It is stock that is stored for use when you need it.

Put those words together and you have, “Art Supplies”.

I know you knew what art supplies meant. But it opens up an artist’s mind to all that could be needed in your combats with your next canvas or illustration board.
Check out the “War of Art” on learning how to combat your art skills!

It is quite overwhelming all the different kinds of art supplies and materials you can have at hand. Most of you know what your main niche is whether it is pen and Ink, acrylic paint or just your ordinary pencil drawings.

Before you start you always want to have all the possibilities of every type of art tool there is. Which leads me to a problem I started having…? My art studio started to get really messy. I had pencils mixed up with my pen and ink and my oil paints started blending in with my acrylic paint! I guess it would be ok if I was constantly doing Click for Acrylic Paintmixed media drawings.

It also happened with my art material. Somehow I started placing my canvas boards in with my illustration boards. And a few finished pieces got in to the blend of those!

Click for Illustration Boards

Most of the time when you see another artist’s studio you see they are not the neatest or well organized artist either. But I bet if you asked where there eraser is or the color siesta blue was, they would give you the general area it is in.

I couldn’t put up with it any longer. I had to get organized. I didn’t want to spend any more time looking for the tools I needed. I also wanted to have most of my art supplies at an arm’s reach away.

I needed an art storage organizer for each and all of my different kind of art supplies that I used. I have three art bin storage boxes. Each one is labeled with their contents. One is for colored pencils, the second one is for pen and ink and my third is for miscellaneous art supplies like razors, erasers, scissors, markers ect…  these are my most important storage units because they are the ones I would take to the park or beach or anywhere on want to set up a studio.

I also wanted an art file cabinet to store all the different kinds of illustration boards, canvases and my finished projects.Click for art filing cabinets