Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Set

The first time I used this brand of colored pencil was in 1985 when I worked at the Pearl Paint in Paramus, NJ.
I used to work in the pencil and pencil, when I discovered that out of all the colored pencils. “Prismacolor” seemed to be the easiest to work with. They were vibrant in color and laid down nicely on illustration board. Compared to other pencils that were either too hard or too soft. Prismacolor colored pencils are not messy and can be blended in together nicely.
As you can see in my rendition of the characters of the Wizard of Oz.
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils were used for the wizzarsd of Oz
I believe that these pencils are worth every penny. I did I comparison with the Sanford Verithin Colored Pencils. And hands down the Presmacolor was much more vibrant and the color filled in the tooth of the paper much faster.
In fact the Sanford pencil couldn’t cover all of the paper.

The tooth of the illustration board was not able to be covered with other colored pencils. Where as the Prismacolor colored pencils did and were very vibrant in color.

When I first started drawing portraits I started with people I loved. I drew people that were heroes or eye candy. I remember the look on my girlfriends face when she saw the first portrait I drew of her. She didn’t know what to say and began to cry. I felt like she really knew I loved her. It was in pastel and it was from a photo I took of her when she was getting off the school bus.

Well before I get to mushy back on topic. That is why I loved drawing portraits more than anything else. It was the resemblance of those heroes and loved ones that captured my audience’s attention. People always told me that I got their eyes perfect. Don’t know why but maybe because I started with their eyes. It is probably the hardest part about drawing portraits other than the ears and nose.



I used to only draw in pencil. I found it amazing that with basically just one color I could make over 20 different shades and textures. That is when I thought more and more of the possibilities of colored pencils. Prismacolor Pencils have always been there since the 70’s. When I was a child I always asked my parents to bring me to an art store. They brought me to a Pearl Paint art store where I had gotten must of my art supplies.  When I was 17 I got a job working at the same art store.