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Studio Design upgrades Make Drawing Table One of the Best

The New Studio Design Draftsman’s Table

I just ordered my second drawing table that was the same as my first. I loved my last Studio Design Draftsman’s Table so much I had to get another. I now dedicate my Pen & Ink drawings to my old table. The new drawing table I only use for colored pencil drawing and sometimes computer work.

Here is a video from 2012 showing my old table but a good one!

Now the new table looks just about the same except instead of the cross bars in the back there is just one strong cross bar.

Also in the class top you see more of the cross bars that the drawing table sits into. I am not sure why they made this upgrade but it could have had something to do with customers sitting on the table?

I also want to mention that I believe the glass seems to be a bit thinner. Maybe by a mm or two. They might have made the glass thinner because of the new cross bar. Still a great table in my sketchbook!

I believe that the upgrades make this drawing table one of the best now!

See the difference below. You can also click the Drawing Table photo to get directed to the right kind. There is still a lot of inventory of the old kind as well as the new.

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The old Drawing table but a Goodie!

Notice the cross bars in the back. Also see that there are no cross bars under the drawing table. Another feature on this table compared to the other is that this table has the futuristic legs that bow.


And now on the new one you see the regular legs that are standard looking. But a stronger cross bar between the legs make for a stronger drawing table. And lastly the bar that you can see through

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The Brand new Drawing Table!

the drawing table… I didn’t like that part.

If I had to choose between them again I would still pick the drawing table without the upgrades…

I just put my new table together with ease. It was actually fun putting this table together. It took me about 45 minutes. If I had to do it again it would probably only take me 20 min.  Watch the video a few times and see how simple it was. Also check out my Golden Retriever watching me. Kind of amusing!

Top 10 art supplies every artist needs!

Top 10 art supplies every artist needs!

Every artist has different needs for their work, But I have made a list of the top 10 tools that a beginner artist needs or would ask for Christmas or their birthday. This list would also apply to what a beginner artist needs to start basic drawing techniques.

A Good Sketch Book

1. Paper, Illustration Board, Canvas

There are different surfaces for various media, such as pencil, pen, markers or paint. To begin with, I suggest using inexpensive copy machine paper. A ream of #20 bond paper is available at office or art supply stores. Latter on you

can purchase more expensive drawing surfaces for your finished works of art.

2. Erasers

There are a few different kinds of erasers out there. I’m not referring to the eraser that comes with a pencil. There are different shaped pink erasers used for light pencil marks. I prefer a kneaded rubber eraser because it can be shaped to erase small areas by kneading it like a piece of clay. And best of all, it doesn’t leave messy crumbs.


3. Pencils, Pens, Paste

There are different mediums that are available, and different effects that each one produces. I suggest using a 2B lead pencil for starters. There are artist pencil boxes that have a full range of leads that start with 2H lightest (hard lead) to darkest 6B (soft lead). The most used pencils for a beginner artist are 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B. Soon the artist will want to experiment with other media such as, colored pencils, pastels, pen and ink

4. Pencil SharpenerPencil-Sharpener

Keep your pencils sharp so your drawings are sharp. An electric operated sharpener is the best, but the old fashion crank-handled or hand-held type works just as well.

5. T-Square, Triangle and Ruler

The T-square runs across the straight edge of your drawing board and gives you consistent parallel lines. With the triangle you can achieve perfect right angles or can simply use it to create straight lines. Together they can be used for measuring and adding perspective to your work. Rulers are needed to make sure your drawings are at custom or standard sizes.

6. Cutting Knife

Used for cutting out tiny areas, making straight cuts using a metal ruler to cut excess substrate from you works of art.

7. Drawing TableDrawing-desk

An adjustable drawing table also called a draftsman’s table is to help make the artist comfortable when in their drawing position. For some artists working on a flat table works just as well. You can also create an alternative to the adjustable table by using a piece of wood approximately 18″x24″. It can then be propped up with your legs or some books on a table to any angle you wish.

8. Lamp or Light SourceStudio-Lamp

To create your best art you need the best light. Position the lamp or yourself in the right spot so you don’t cast a shadow on your art work. There isn’t a more important piece of art equipment to add to your art supply than a good artist lamp. When you have great lighting in your work space you can get a full appreciation for color, contrast, and composition. The best light source is outside light. So when setting up your work area be sure to be close to a window.

9. ChairArt-Studio-Chair

Being comfortable either at your desk or at the beach is so important. You want to be relaxed but not too comfortable that you’ll fall asleep. Being in the same position for a long time can hurt your back or lose circulation in your legs, arms and even hands.


10. Light box

Light-Master Box
Click for Details

A light box will help the artist see through 2-3 sheets of paper at a time. It helps the artist to outline their rough sketches into fresh lines on a new sheet. It also allows you to change the
position of your artwork when retracing to devise an enhanced composition.

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